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Our consultants are highly experienced in developing innovative strategies for the presentation of evidence to your jury.  We use this experience, combined with ongoing research, to develop easily digestible content for the jury so that your message is received and retained.



A critical component of a case is the effect application of custom demonstrative aids to reinforce core themes.  Our consultants utilize the latest technology to transform the key points of your case into effective presentations to further emphasize your message. This can involve a wide range of presentation options including, digital graphics, animations, video presentations, on the fly exhibit annotations, trial boards, models, etc., that will keep your audience stimulated. Studies have proven that an audience will only retain 11% of what they hear, but 75% of what they hear and see.



Not every witness, expert or not, is inherently prepared or aware of how to communicate their knowledge to the average juror. There is nothing more frustrating than having an expert witness on the stand for 2 hours or worse 2 days putting the jury to sleep with what you had hoped would be your strongest evidence. We can work with your experts early in the life cycle of the case to create effective graphic representations for their reports and continue to hone their visual aids for mediations, arbitrations and trial. We also work with attorneys to assist in preparing fact witnesses for the types of evidence they may encounter during their examination.  Nothing looks worse to a jury than a witness that can’t respond effectively to unexpected impeachment clips.


Knowing how the jury is reacting to the evidence and witnesses can help the trial team make important game time adjustments in strategy. This ability to change with the mood of the jury can save precious time or even your case. Our consultants are trained and experienced in jury observation and real time analysis of the juror’s reactions to what is happening in the courtroom. We understand that the attorneys don’t always have the time or opportunity to watch every reaction of the jury while presenting their case. We solve that problem.



Verdix Legal consultants are trained in all major presentation software packages. You will never have to worry about seeing random screen savers or desktop wallpapers when using our professional consultants.  We pride ourselves on our calm courtroom demeanor and expert execution of trial technology so the attorney has the freedom to change direction instantly in an ever changing courtroom environment.



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